State violence and health

The distributions and effects of criminal justice contacts, ICE activity, and racist housing policy.

In progress

Graetz, N. (2020). The production of racialized vulnerability to premature death: A causal mediation analysis of New Deal housing policy and period life expectancy.

Cohen, D.A., Graetz, N., Prins, S. (2020). A relational analysis of eco-apartheid and COVID-19.

Boen, C., Graetz, N., et al. (2020). Early life patterns of criminal justice involvement: Inequalities by race-ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status.

Boen, C., Graetz, N., Venkataramani, A., Peele, M., Ortiz, R. (2020). The roles of state and local immigration policy in shaping population patterns of health inequality.

Nick Graetz
Nick Graetz
PhD Candidate in Demography & Sociology

My research interests include population health, structural racism, housing policy, small area estimation, and causal mediation analysis.