Causal mediation analysis

Applications for structural racism and effects of place.

Under review

Graetz, N., Boen, C., Esposito, M.H. (2020). Structural racism and quantitative causal inference: A life-course mediation framework for decomposing racial health disparities.

Graetz, N. (2020). Mechanisms connecting neighborhood disadvantage to child development: A life-course mediation analysis.

In progress

Graetz, N. & Song, X. (2020). Causal mediation analyses with high-dimensional and time-varying treatments, mediators, and confounders.

Graetz, N. (2020). Mechanisms maintaining Black-white trends and disparities in life-course wealth accumulation.

Nick Graetz
Nick Graetz
PhD Candidate in Demography & Sociology

My research interests include population health, structural racism, housing policy, small area estimation, and causal mediation analysis.